Occupational Exposure Case closed by Art Stevens

Art Stevens recently finished protracted litigation involving  a very technical “hard metal lung disease” case. The case was tried in the Oregon Workers Compensation system and, in the end, the employer/insurer did not choose to go to the Oregon Court of Appeals ,so the benefits to Mr. Young are finally established.  This  case demonstrates the frightening complexity a worker has to face when dealing with occupational exposures and diseases arising from such. The following links will show more detail into the case.

Opinion & Order

 Order on Review

1 thought on “Occupational Exposure Case closed by Art Stevens”

  1. It always seems very hard to get SAIF to see that a person can really never fake a major injury like one seen here. The person had doctors take out tissue that had particles of the metal that he had been working on. He was also exposed to other things that would cause damage to his lungs in the course of doing his job during the day. I am very happy to see he found a very good attorney who fought very hard to prove the facts his doctors found and not just blame the fact he had smoked. A very good case to read. Also again a very good job done by his atttorney.

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