Is Your Patient With Aching Joints Disabled Under The Social Security Listings?

This is the third in a series detailing how the Social Security “Listings” define certain types of disabling conditions. If your patient’s symptoms match or are equivalent to the criteria in the Listings, then your patient is “disabled” under Social Security law. Under the Listings for the musculoskeletal system, there are three categories of arthritic … Read more

Social Security Regulations List Disabling Spinal Conditions

The Social Security regulations list numerous conditions which render a person legally “disabled” for the purpose of receiving Social Security disability benefits. The conditions listed are collectively referred to as “the Listings.” In prior articles we have explained that a person is disabled if Social Security finds a condition which impairs ability to work to … Read more

How Lawyers Get Paid In Personal Injury And Social Security Disability Cases

Lawyers handling personal-injury, Workers’ Compensation and the Social Security disability cases almost always work on a contingency basis. This means that they must succeed in winning the client’s case or proving the client is entitled to benefits in order to receive a fee for their services. In other words, they may devote many hours to … Read more