Month: November 2011

Social Security Loopholes Are Closing: Here Are New Strategies for Maximizing Benefits

By Robert McGarvey Updated Jan 17, 2016 2:15 PM EST Original: Jan 15, 2016 Late last year, Congress slammed shut two giant Social Security loopholes that had let some lucky pensioners up their take by tens of thousands of dollars. But the financially wily will note those loopholes are not quite closed. There remain tactics for maximizing Social Security over a lifetime, but eligible recipients need … Read more

Lawsuit Settled Against Medford and Phoenix-Talent School Districts

MEDFORD, Ore. — Families of children who say two Southern Oregon teachers inappropriately touched them have settled lawsuits with the school districts. Chris Gilman from the Medford School District and George Kuhns from Phoenix-Talent were fired last year after accusations of inappropriate behavior, but that wasn’t the first time Gilman was accused of inappropriate touching. Families … Read more

Sexual harassment by the numbers

A new poll by ABC News/Washington Post says 24 percent of women respondents have experienced sexual harassment from co-workers or supervisors. On the flip side, 25 percent of men respondents say they worry about being falsely accused of sexual harassment, while just 10% of men said they’ve said or done things that might be construed … Read more

Seniors Rally in Boston Against Cuts to Social Programs

BOSTON–Chanting “hands off” and “no cuts,” hundreds of seniors rallied here to warn Congress’s deficit-cutting supercommittee to stay away from Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid. “When you get older, you need help, not cuts,” said Steve Ciardi, a former pipe fitter who has multiple sclerosis and was in a wheelchair being pushed by his wife, Patty. … Read more

Survey: Nearly Half of Students Sexually Harassed in School – High School Notes (

Nearly half of students age 12-17 sexually harassed in school. Sexual harassment of fellow students is downplayed in schools, experts say. Forty-eight percent of surveyed middle and high school students said they were sexually harassed at least once, typically by their peers, during the 2010-2011 school year, according to a report released Monday by the American Association … Read more

‘Technical Fix’ for Social Security Will Shrink Benefits to the Poor | The Nation

Technical Fix for Social Security may reduce benefits significantly over the long haul according to this opinion post in The Nation by William Greider. Do you agree? The ugly part of this gimmick is that it punishes most severely the very people who most need help.